In a war someone has to die
This art project is called "In a war someone has to die."
It is a on going art project where people from all over the world, are invited to embroider the text: "In a war someone has to die", on a handkerchief - in there own language.
Until now there are 280 handkerchiefs in 48 languages in the collection.

The handkerchiefs will be set up near beside each other with pins.
The handkerchiefs can hang on one big wall, cover entire rooms round doors, window and hang in the ceiling, hang in a long line/row etc.
At one point, it might be so large that it can be displayed in several places/countries at the same time, or in the same city but in several places.

There can be embroidered handkerchiefs until there is no more wars in the world and it can be exhibited all over the world.

Why this text?
A couple of year
s ago I happened to zap by a TV program, in which a journalist was interviewing a professional African soldier. To the soldiers great disappointment he was out of work at the moment – because there was no war in his region.
The interviewer asked the soldier if he was afraid of dying, and the soldier said: “No I am not afraid of dying. Are you afraid of dying?” The interviewer answered: “Yes I am afraid of dying”. Then the soldier said, without any sentimentality: “In a war someone has to die”.

These words are the main element in the art project. I use this sentence – these harsh words – in a feminine expression, as handkerchiefs and embroidery are.
”In a war someone has to die” is a universal art project - across language, country, culture, political beliefs and religion.
A commentary on the war.

Do you want to ore do you know a place to exhibit the project?
My aim is that the project will be exhibited all over the wold, in art galleries, in town halls, in museums, in war museums, in large libraries ect.
Just send med an email.

Do you want to contribute?
You can either use one of your own handkerchiefs, or you can write me a email and I will send you one, in an envelope with reply coupon, (costs free for you).
Whether you know how to embroider or not is not essential at all. All kind of stitches and handkerchiefs can be used.
If you have any questions you are more than welcome to write me an e-mail.

Send to:
Hanne Bang
Saettedammen 18
3400 Hilleroed, Denmark.